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Joe’s Journey to IAM RoadSmart success.

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Joe’s Journey to IAM RoadSmart success.

28-year-old Joe Allenby, who hails from Lincoln, is a member of the Lincolnshire Advanced Motorcyclists and has recently passed his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Rider Test.

Having ridden motorbikes on the road aged 16 and 17, Joe went on to pass his driving test and was keen to get his motorbike licence. However, life took over, and after getting married and raising a family, Joe was ready again for two wheels.

“I finally took the plunge, and in November 2022, I passed my motorbike test. Within days, I had bought my first “big” motorbike, a Honda CBR600F, and took to the road.

Joe’s concerns over staying safe on two wheels for his family led him to IAM RoadSmart.

“I decided that I wanted to explore options in order to develop my riding quicker and become a better and safer rider, always ensuring I have the best possible chance of coming home the same way and state that I left in.”

Joe took the opportunity to embark on a free taster event with Lincolnshire Advanced Motorcyclists:

“You could turn up and have a taster ride with one of their Observers to see if it was for you and give you a chance to have a chat with the members of the group, etc. The session only confirmed further that this was the route I wanted to follow. I signed up there and then.”

Meeting up with his Observer, Roland, gave Joe plenty of confidence: “Before every ride, we’d sit down and plan the ride and then have another debrief afterwards. After about five sessions, Roland and I both agreed that I was ready to take my test.”

The weather on the day of the test wasn’t great, but the rain didn’t bother Joe. “It had been raining all night and was still raining up to the time of my test; however, after following all the instructions and skills taught to me by Roland, I was delighted to learn that not only had I passed but I achieved a F1rst.”

Overall, Joe says he thoroughly enjoyed the process and cannot thank everyone involved in making it happen enough: “The best part is that there does not have to be an end, even though I have done my test. I continue to go out on the rides with the group. There's also the chance to become an observer at some point or even go down the IAM Master’s route—both options I will probably consider at some point. If anyone is considering doing this, then I urge them to give it a go. There is always something to learn.”

Why not try our free taster sessions?. It is your chance to experience our Advanced Driving and Advanced Riding courses. They are not an independent assessment of your driving or riding, but rather an introduction to the full course, which should help you decide whether it is right for you




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