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Easter getaway; motorcycling on the continent.

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Easter getaway; motorcycling on the continent.

With the clocks set to go forward on Easter Sunday, the days will be longer and the evening’s lighter. The long-awaited Easter break is the perfect time to get on your motorcycle and get away.

Find out how you can best prepare for your journey abroad with these tips from IAM RoadSmart.

  • Do your POWDERY checks. Is your vehicle ready for a long journey? Ensuring your motorcycle is in tip-top condition will help you enjoy your Easter trip. Prevention is always best when it comes to travelling, so check your tyres, oil, lights and battery are all in good working order. Make sure your service schedule is up to date and covers your intended mileage.
  • Keep your driving licence on you and your V5 vehicle registration document, Insurance and MOT test certificate easily accessible. You may need an extension to your insurance policy to cover you abroad or an International Driving Permit IDP will require foreign breakdown cover. An EHIC card is also a useful addition to your travel insurance.
  • If there is not a visible UK sign on your vehicle, you will need to buy one and always display it. |
  • Before packing your luggage, check the maximum load for your bike; overloading it will affect your balance. For a more comfortable journey, consider investing in a top box.
  • Take note of any rules and regulations for your destination beforehand. Many European countries will have different road signs and riding standards. It’s best to check before you leave. Try the EU driving abroad website.

IAM RoadSmart Chief Examiner, Richard Gladman “As you’ll be riding for longer periods it’s important that you keep a bottle of water and first aid kit with you, you’ll never know when these will come in handy. If you begin to feel tired, then stop off at a service station or rest stop, so you can take a break. After relaxing make sure to ride on the correct side of the road, it is easy to make a mistake after a relaxing rest. Remember to be courteous to other road users and you will be welcomed to enjoy the freedom of the EU.”

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