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Glaring errors: the impact of LED headlights.

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Glaring errors: the impact of LED headlights.

Bright LED headlights are leaving motorists dazzled and dazed at night, and now the government is under pressure to act. In a survey for the UK’s leading road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, 83% of respondents agreed that headlights are much brighter in modern vehicles.

Other potential factors for the dazzling displays include badly aligned headlights and a rise in the number of cars sitting higher on the road, such as SUVs. A petition has been launched to strong-arm Number 10 into commissioning an independent study into the contentious subject.

IAM RoadSmart has some tips to help reduce the nighttime dazzle.

Keep your speed down at night.

If the glare from an oncoming vehicle at night is so bad, gently slow down and avoid sharp braking. This will help reduce the risk of an impact if your vision is affected.

Make sure your windscreen is clean.

Dirt and road debris can leave your windscreen looking mucky and can increase light glare. Give your windscreen and wipers a good clean before you embark on any journey, and if your windscreen has any damage at all, get it fixed. Also, ensure your own headlight covers are cleaned to reduce glare from your own vehicle.

Adjust your rearview mirror.

While some cars have self-dimming mirrors or tinted rear windows, most require you to manually adjust the mirror.

Consider anti-glare glasses.

Speak to your optician if you feel it is becoming a problem. There are anti-glare glasses that may be able to mitigate the problem.

Keep the roads lit.

Where your route allows, it may be better to stick to well-lit roads, as street lighting can help reduce the impact of dazzling headlights, while unlit rural roads can make headlight glare feel far more pronounced.

IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Standards Nicholas Lyes said: "Drivers are increasingly telling us they are concerned by modern headlights, and some are now even limiting the amount of time they spend driving during darkness to avoid glare. Being dazzled by headlights has a worrying impact on road safety, and we need policymakers to take this matter seriously."




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