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Britain is braced for Storm Isha.

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Britain is braced for Storm Isha.

Storm Isha is heading for Britain. After a week or so of freezing temperatures, it’s time to batten down the hatches, as a band of heavy rain and strong winds is set to hit most parts of the UK on Sunday and Monday. The Met Office is predicting winds of up to 70mph in exposed places around the country.

IAM RoadSmart, the UK’s largest independent road safety charity, has advice on handling wet and windy weather.

1) If conditions are extremely treacherous, don’t even start your journey. Take note of any weather warnings and traffic updates in your local area; this will help you make an informed decision.

2) Driving in strong winds can be very dangerous, unsettling your car and forcing your vehicle in a different direction. Grip the steering wheel firmly and be mindful of vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, pedestrians, or pedal cyclists, who will need more room than usual.

3) Always look well ahead for gaps between buildings, and exposed locations (such as bridges) and be careful when overtaking larger vehicles; in both cases gusts might be particularly strong. The movement of trees on the roadside can give a useful indication of wind strength too.

4) Heavy rain often leads to damaged road surfaces, and puddles can hide deep potholes; it’s always worth being vigilant and looking for clues such as loose chunks of tarmac.

5) Be wary of debris on roads and allow yourself enough space to drive around it if necessary. Driving at a steady speed will also ensure you give yourself more time to slow down before a hazard arises. When parking, be aware of anything that could damage your car where you leave it during strong winds

6) Try to fill up with fuel or charge your vehicle before you travel, as getting stuck in traffic will increase your fuel and battery consumption. Remember, with the lights, heater and wipers switched on, your fuel economy will be reduced even further. IAM RoadSmart has more top tips on helping you to lower your fuel consumption.

IAM RoadSmart’s Director of Policy and Standards, Nicholas Lyes, said: “Strong winds create hazardous driving conditions so drivers should keep a firm grip on the steering wheel in case of crosswinds in exposed areas which may push them off-course. Alongside this, drivers should reduce their speed because of the impact strong winds have on a vehicle’s handling. It’s also vital to give other road users – particularly cyclists and motorcyclists - a wide berth when overtaking."

“For riders, conditions can be even more challenging. We encourage them to slow down and keep control by using the throttle and counter steering to balance out the effects of the wind. Loose clothing will also flap around far more in strong winds so it’s vital to ensure all articles of clothing are securely done up.”

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