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IAM RoadSmart responds to today's report by the AIA (Asphalt Industry Alliance) 

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IAM RoadSmart responds to today's report by the AIA (Asphalt Industry Alliance) 



IAM RoadSmart responds to today's report by the AIA (Asphalt Industry Alliance)

IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Standards Nicholas Lyes said: “The AIA’s report lays bare the crumbling state of our road network as well as the effort and money now needed to fix it. Notwithstanding the financial headache pothole-related damage does to the vehicle’s owner, our crater-laden roads are posing a serious road safety hazard. In 2022 alone, nearly 500 collisions were caused by poor or defective surfaces, resulting in four fatalities. Recent IAM RoadSmart research shows that 82% of motorists have steered away or had to brake hard to try and avoid damage from a pothole in the last 12 months. This worrying finding suggests drivers are being forced to spend a great deal of their time focused on spotting holes in the tarmac rather than monitoring all hazards around them.”

Source on collisions fatalities: Contributory factors RAS0701: Collisions, casualties and road user type (ODS, 802 KB)

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