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IAM RoadSmart stresses cost of motoring pressures and potholes ahead of Chancellor's Budget

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IAM RoadSmart stresses cost of motoring pressures and potholes ahead of Chancellor's Budget

Ahead of the Spring Budget, IAM RoadSmart issues a statement calling on the Chancellor to consider motoring costs and the state of the roads when he delivers his speech to Parliament:

IAM RoadSmart Director of Policy and Standards Nicholas Lyes: “Motorists continue to feel financially strained with persistently high fuel prices at forecourts and so it will be difficult for the Chancellor to reimpose 5p in fuel duty, as the cost of motoring remains the biggest concern for IAM RoadSmart members. However, the Chancellor needs to balance this against the backdrop of pothole plagued roads which pose a real road safety hazard on top of being wheel-wrecking annoyances. Though keeping the duty cut in place is preferable for now, one other suggestion could be the Chancellor adds just 1 or 2p back on to fuel duty which is then fully ringfenced as a long-term pothole fund for local authorities. This way, local councils will be able to plan routine maintenance and take preventative action, rather than simply reacting with sticking plaster solutions.”






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Nicholas Lyes

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